The Imixs-Workflow Engine

The Imixs-Workflow engine provides a set of Java EE services to access the workflow model and to create and manage process instances of a process definition, called workitems. The Imixs-Workflow engine can be embedded into a Java Enterprise application or can be accessed through the RESTfull service API.

The Imixs-Workflow Services

The Imixs-Workflow Engine is based on the Imixs-Workflow Core-API and implements a set of Java enterprise service interfaces. These services are divided into the typical building blocks of a workflow management system:

The DocumentService

The DocumentService is the general persistence layer of the Imixs-Workflow engine and provides an interface to store, load and query data objects (Documents) within a database. The DocumentService is independent from the workflow engine and can not only be used to persist a process instance (workitem), but also any other kind of business data, not necessarily associated with the workflow engine (e.g configuration data). Each document managed by the DocumentService is assigned to a access control list (ACL). The ACL protects the document from unauthorized access.

The DocumentService creates a Lucene Search Index over all documents and provides methods to query documents by a search term. This is a power full feature to navigate easily through the workitems managed by the Imixs-Workflow engine.

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The WorkflowService

The WorkflowService provides the interface to the Imixs-Workflow kernel. This component provides methods to create, process and access workitems. A workitem managed by the WorkflowService must be assigned to a valid workflow model definition managed by the ModelService.

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The ModelService

The ModelService manages the models and provides methods to store a new model definition. A model can be created with the Eclipse based modeling tool Imixs-BPMN. The ModelService is used internally by the WorkflowService but can also be used by the business application to navigate through a model definition.

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The ReportService

The ReportService component supports methods to create, find and execute business reports created with the Eclipse based Imixs-Workflow Modeller. A report is used to generate aggregated information from data objects managed by the DocumentService.