The Imixs-BPMN Modeler

Imixs-Workflow supports the BPMN 2.0 standard and simplifies the way to design and execute business logic.

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Business Process Model and Notation - BPMN 2.0

Imixs-BPMN is a free modeling tool which takes the full advantage of all the capabilities of the BPMN standard and complements them with the features of a powerful workflow engine. The Imixs-BPMN enhances the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeling Framework with the aspects of a human based workflow model executable on the Imixs-Workflow Engine. With Imixs-BPMN you have a maximum in flexibility to describe, model and executing your business processes.

How to describe a business process?

Workflow modelling means to describe a business process with its different tasks and how actors interact within the process. One of the most common technologies to describe a business process is the 'Business Process Model and Notation' - BPMN 2.0 standard. BPMN was initially designed to describe a business process without all the technical details of a software system. A BPMN diagram is easy to understand and a good starting point to talk about a business process with technician as also with management people.

How does Imixs-BPMN work?

Beside the general description of a business process with BPMN, there are a lot of technical aspects which are typical to a workflow management system. For example a task can be distributed automatically by email to different users or open issues can be organized in a user friendly task list - like messages in an email in-box. The Workflow Management System controls each task from the starting point until it is finished. So based on the model description the workflow engine can controls the life-cycle of a business process.

BPMN provides a set of graphical elements to describe the flow from the beginning to the end of a business process. Imixs-BPMN extends the BPMN 2.0 standard in the way that the execution and processing information can be added to any BPMN compliant model without restricting the flexibility and openness of BPMN.

The Imixs-BPMN Task Element is a extension to the BPMN Task Element and can be used to describe a Workflow Task inside a workflow model. Typically the Task Element reflects the task to be processed by a participant in a defined workflow status. The Imixs-BPMN Task Element can contain a custom set of properties used to describe the status of a process instance controlled by the Imixs-Workflow engine.

The Imixs-BPMN Event Element is a extension to the BPMN CatchEvent and can be used to describe a transition from one Imixs-Workflow Task into another. The Imixs-BPMN Event can contain a custom set of properties to be evaluated during the execution by the Imixs-Workflow engine.

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The Imixs Eclipse Modeler allows you to control your business process without changing one line of application code.

  • BPMN 2.0 standard
  • Eclipse based Plugin
  • Graphical process modeler
  • Technical business models
  • Collaborative process modeling
  • Modeling Access controls
  • Reporting Tool